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Helper Methods

Note: Current version does not support the full Foursquare API.

static void Initialize (string consumerKey, string consumerSecret, [string callbackUrl])
  Initializes the Foursquare helper with the consumer key and secret values.
static string GetAuthorizationLink ([string returnUrl])
  Retrieves the Foursquare login Url, for your users to login to Foursquare throught your site.
static string GetAccessToken ()
  Once the user has granted access into Foursquare, this method returns the user's AccessToken for calling the helper methods that require it.
static IList<User> GetFriends (string accessToken, [int userId])
  Returns the list of friends for a given user. If the userId is not specified, returns the friends of the logged in user.
static User GetUser (string accessToken, [int userId])
  Returns profile information (badges, etc.) for a given user. If the userId is not specified, returns the logged in user information.
@helper GetFoursquareButton ([string venueId], [string tipId], [string color])
  Shows a Foursquare Button, to add a venue or a tip to the user's TODO list. You should either specify the venueId or the tipId. Calling the Initialize() method is not required if you only want to use this method.
@helper GetBadgesWidget (string accessToken, [int userId])
  Shows a widget listing the user's Foursquare badges. If the userId is not specified, defaults to the logged in user.

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